ABR Ecosystem is an open technological ecosystem.
It unites:

A platform and infrastructure to ensure safe flights of unmanned aircraft
Suppliers of products and services for end users associated with these flights

What is a Technological Ecosystem?

In the technology industries, an ecosystem is usually called a partner association of market participants with various specializations (platform provider, system integrator, product and service provider, etc.). At the same time, the creation of an Ecosystem, as a rule, begins with the development and launch of an open technological platform*, to which suppliers of products and application services are able to connect. There are many examples in the history of technology development when new markets were created as a technological ecosystem. Some of them:

Microsoft: ecosystem of the personal computer and computer network market
Apple: ecosystem of the market for personal digital assistants (smartphones)
Amazon: Ecommerce and Cloud service ecosystems

As a rule, in such cases, the initiator and the main "integrator" of the Ecosystem was the supplier of the technological platform

who saw the potential of a new market in time
the first to create and launch a full-fledged technological platform for this market
managed to attract a "critical mass" of market participants to this platform

It is important to note that the capacity of the Ecosystem (in particular, to create a new market and ensure its growth) - far exceeds the capacity of any individual market participant.

* Open technology platform: a set of system software (operating systems, etc.), hardware and standard open interfaces for connecting application services (software applications, etc.).

Why does it make sense to create an unmanned aviation market by building a technological Ecosystem?  

The system to launch and operate the unmanned aviation market is extremely complex: it must effectively integrate many very heterogeneous technologies (UTM control system, air navigation systems, drones, drone equipment, telecommunications and many other technologies). The integration of these technologies requires deep specialized expertise. Therefore, it is very difficult to create this system "alone" - even for a major market participant. The creation of a new market through the construction of a technological Ecosystem will allow participants (including the creator of the platform and the integrator of the entire system) - to preserve their specialization. It will significantly speed up all the processes for creating a system. In particular, such a scenario would significantly speed up the solution of key problems that today "lock up" the realization of the potential of the unmanned aviation market:

Creation of a UAV flight control system (UTM system)
Creation and launch of a full-fledged and secure infrastructure to support this system
Obtaining approval by authorities and the airspace management regulator
Improvement of technological capabilities of key system components (drones", navigation systems, communication systems, etc.)
Public acceptance of UAV technologies and new services based on them, in terms of safety, ecology, etc.
Ensuring economic efficiency for new market participants

What does the Ecosystem provide to its participants?  

The creation of the unmanned aviation Ecosystem will provide new values for the state, business and citizens by unlocking the potential of unmanned aircraft.

benefits for the state

Ensuring the safe operation of UAVs through the implementation of the functions of registration, planning, management and control of automated flights
Development of national unmanned aviation market and increasing the level of technological development
Creation of new jobs
Increasing government taxes and fees
Impact on GDP growth

Business benefits

Business diversification - entering a completely new market
Gaining access to a new customer base
Ensuring "turnkey" full compliance with state regulator requirements for UAV flights
Reducing business costs

Public Benefits

Positive impact on the environment
Reducing car traffic, reducing the number of “traffic jams”
Fundamentally new services for citizens
Fundamentally new services for citizens   Reducing the cost of services and the time of their provision

Our Ecosystem: ABR ECOSYSTEM  

ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY Ecosystem is based on the ABR AirChannel UTM - the original unmanned air traffic management system.

About ABR AirChannel UTM

Below is one example of the implementation of our Ecosystem. It should be noted that the Ecosystem is built as an open one, and as it develops, other participants, roles and services may appear in it, which are not indicated in the scheme.