The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) reduces the risks to the life and health of the employees involved in the operations, and a new bird’s-eye view of all construction site processes will make it possible to make decisions more efficiently, avoiding costly mistake

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are changing the way construction companies conduct business, helping them coordinate their teams more efficiently, make process tracking more regular and accelerate project implementation.

Although the construction companies are already starting to use drones extensively, UAS technologies and software are still developing rapidly. The resulting improvements in automation will help you obtain the necessary visual data even faster and at a lower cost.  

ABR Ecosystem is designed to take the UAV use in the construction sector to the next level. Process and infrastructure solutions of our ecosystem offer the highest possible level of automation. Due to the key element of our ecosystem, ABR AirChannel UTM unmanned air traffic management system, it will be possible to control one UAV or an entire fleet autonomously and beyond visual line of sight from one point. ABR Droneport
‍autonomous land-based UAV homing and service station is implemented on a mobile platform for public roads. This design solution will allow companies to switch between their own construction sites easily and perform fly-arounds more often and faster, which will eventually increase the level of control over processes and accelerate the work.



Real time monitoring of construction progress
Creating 3D models of structures under construction
Inspection of hard-to-reach or large-scale facilities
Photographing and video recording for marketing purposes
Fast transportation of small cargo
Land surveying and mapping at the early design stages
ABR Droneport land-based autonomous mobile UAV homing and service infrastructure


Flights beyond visual line of sight of the operator
The speed and accuracy of inspections, surveys and measurements due to the cutting-edge equipment used on UAVs
High level of construction safety due to reducing the impact of human error
No health risks for the employees

The ABR AirChannel UTM system opens up new opportunities for arranging UAV flights at construction sites, while the data analysis tools and services integrated with ABR Ecosystem makes it possible to size up economic, environmental, natural risks and threats (flooding, landslides, karst, etc.), as well as general costs and current management and operating costs.



Proper preliminary and step-by-step planning
Increasing the pace and quality of construction
Cutting costs